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Dear all,

For those who don't have the opportunity to associate with a living master who has transcended identification with the mind, there is good news. There is now a simple tool which codifies a lot of the energy clearing work, which helps us become more tumed in to the present. This is something called EFT or 'Emotional Freedom Technique' and a stream of 'energy psychology' that has been fine tuned over the last fifteen years by the discoveries of Roger Callahan (better known for his work on Thought Field Therapy or TFT) and some of his students (more info below).

In this context, internationally renouned mind-body therapist, author and teacher Dr.Paula Horan, will be leading a one day seminar on this powerful healing modality.

Should you be interested in this opportunity to learn a powerful tool for both, personal growth and healing, please contact me at the earliest since there is limited seating.


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is about 'tapping' certain energy meridians of the body to relieve both intense physical, emotional pain, trauma, energy blockages etc in minutes. I've personally been working of EFT over the past year (in addition to my Reiki practise) and the quick takeway that I would like to share is that the results of this painless treatment are permanent. Long lasting traumas such as P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) sometimes can be dealt with in a matter of a few hours, and simpler disturbances in minutes. The latent belief that most of us have of 'no-pain-no-gain' when dealing with or thinking of learning new self-help techniques can really be done away with when it comes to EFT. It's actually brilliantly simple and something you, with a little practice, can help even kids do it.

Allow me to illustrate this with examples - many if not most of us have a old tramatic memories arising out of events and happenings in the near or distant past - issues arising from stress, fatigue, anxiety, trauma, fear, grief, anger and even physical aches and pains. These may have been issues at school or college, a traumatic memory arising out of a loved one's (or pet's) death or accident, break-ups, childhood abuse, an unhappy marriage and/or divorce (of parents), seeing family struggles involving money and finance and many more.

Big or small, in most cases these memories and experiences club together to form 'energy blocks' in the subconscious that over time gets manifested in similar or dissimilar problems - such as a person's problems with interpersonal relationships, intimacy, marriage, loyalty, income and/or career. In most cases, these problems have a direct link with an event or series of events from the past - some of them even going back to infancy (i.e before the age of 3)!!

At the same time, its important to be aware that such issues are also playing out in the lives of loved ones, especially our children (at home, with friends in school, teachers, relatives and even siblings), probably laying the foundation of problems that will surface many years later in myriad ways.

EFT is an incredibly simple and effective way to deal with all of these issues (the more recent the problem, the quicker the healing) - All it will involve is understanding a method which use a few acupressure points to help release old energy blocks with lasting results - the results can be nothing short of miraculous when 'you' discover the capability to help release both physical and emotional pain almost instantly (and even more so when you can use this technique later to help immediate family and friends deal with their own issues arising from stress, fatigue, anxiety, trauma, fear, grief, anger and even physical aches and pains). 

Short History of EFT

if you want to know more about the origins of EFT - developed by two people called Gary Craig and Roger Callahan (a clinical psychologiest) in the early 1990s go to the links below:​m/eft-history.html


Check Out Event Details On The Link Below​/events/eft-training-by-dr-pau​la-horan


Warm Wishes


Sandeep Goswamy

The NewAge Foundation

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