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Come join me at A Course In Holistic Hypnosis By Anjali Chawla on The NewAge Foundation

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Sandeep Goswamy has invited you to the event 'A Course In Holistic Hypnosis By Anjali Chawla' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "A Course In Holistic Hypnosis By Anjali Chawla" on The NewAge Foundation

Sandeep Goswamy

A Course In Holistic Hypnosis By Anjali Chawla Time: January 20, 2011 at 10am to January 21, 2011 at 6pm
Location: West Delhi - Hotel Sunca International
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
This comprehensive course is designed for the people who wish to use Hypnosis as a general tool for improvement. The course has been designed in two days schedule. The first day course modules are designed to give the participants, the techniques for self healing and self improvement. The second day course modules are designed to give the techniques of hypnotizing others. The course is named "Holistic Hypnosis" for the very reason because we have combined the healing with Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is widely used to treat Psychosomatic problems. Hypnotherapy has been proved to be very successful in cases of enhancing performance,will power & confidences well in treating depression, anxiety, fears, phobias and lot more.

As Osho said,"what after Meditation?". Once you are in a deep trance state and if you come back to normal frequency of mind,it only gives the relaxation to mind and body.. Hypnosis is the only technique which helps you to give positive and mindful affirmations to your sub conscious mind when you are in trance,in beta level. So, meditation followed by self Hypnotic positive affirmations gives a combined effect of remaining with the positive effects of your thoughts & gradually the sub conscious start taking action and the results become more positive. Our thoughts become our actions, so what we think, we take the actions accordingly. So let's change the thought process, thinking and affirming positive thoughts through Self Hypnosis..

The course modules for day1:

1..Achievement of success through Self Hypnosis.
2..Circle of excellence.
3..Getting rid of fears and phobias.
4..How to control Pain(Hypnotic Anesthesia)
5..Automatic writing.
6..How to heal yourself.
7..Past life regression session for self healing through the regression.

The course modules for day 2:

1..How to use the powerful technique of Hypnosis to hypnotize others.
2..Astral Projection (out of body experience).
3..Eye to eye technique.
4..Improve memory.
5..Magnetic Passes.
6..Pendulum Dowsing.
7..Modern methods to put a person under deep Hypnosis.
8..Session of Spiritual Hypnosis.(Meeting your Masters and Guides and taking messages from them).

About the Facilitator..Anjali Chawla.

She is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and the trainer since last three years. She has been personally trained by Dr. Sajan Galani,Hypnotist trainer. Dr. Galani is the only Indian hypnotherapist certified as the member of Hypnosis International Board of Registration & certified hypnotherapist by Hypnodyne Foundation, USA.. Anjali Chawla has been successfully facilitating people to understand the importance of positive thinking and using the power of sub conscious mind for self healing & self improvement.She has been training people to use the power within by using the powers of sub conscious mind,who when becomes the best friend for you, the word impossible becomes I'm possible.She has been a PLR therapist since three years and helped people to get healed through the powerful experiences of past life and get rid of many psychosomatic problems..

The beauty of Holistic Hypnosis is the self healing approach combined with the Hypnosis.
The participants interested in learning self Hypnosis can do the first day module and if you really want to get the exact idea of hypnotherapy,you have the choice of doing the complete session for two days.

The Energy Exchange would be,
1st day....Rs.4,500/-
2nd day....Rs.6,000/-

The fee for the complete two days course is
Day 1 & day 2...Rs.10,000/-

Timings : 10am - 6pm (both days)

Call Anjali Chawla For Registration : 9810974327

See more details and RSVP on The NewAge Foundation:
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