Monday, October 25, 2010

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A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation

Hello Amazing Friends ...

Finally, 3 more days to go for the Law Of Attraction Workshop...

For those who have registered, Congratulations for taking your LIFE ON !!! Workshop is designed to create results in your life moment by moment so You have made very wise decision.

For those who are still undecided, remember:  "One cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose the sight of the shore"

Also, know that if you are waiting for the first workshop to take place before you could register in the next one, price is going to be double.. Opportunity is passing by moment by moment DON'T let another opportunity pass by just because you are afraid to leave KNOWN for UNKNOWN. True success is doing something different. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always GOT !!

You deserve BETTER MORE and DIFFERENT. Our life is designed to be abundant, whether that is relationships, love, MONEY, health ..etc; All wonderful things are waiting to come to YOU don't let your limiting beliefs create blockage for you!

Believe it or not, Whatever results you have in your life right now, GOOD BAD RIGHT WRONG doesn't matter, if you are happy great and if there is still that tingly feeling that tell you that, WAIT A MINUTE, there has to be better way to get all I WANT . I am here to tell you there is ..

BECAUSE WHAT EVER you have in your life right now, YOU attracted that to your life through your conscious or sub conscious thinking. GET TO KNOW YOU so you can do something about it !!!

Only way You can bring the best in You, best in Your life is when You take the courage to know "YOU". You will know you in  a very beautiful and profound way. You will know for yourself if your beliefs are empowering you to live the life you DESERVE or Blocking you to have all that , which is already waiting to come to you but only because of your consciousness is blocked.

I look forward to see you at my workshop, I take my work very seriously because I have had an opportunity to be trained by 80% of the teachers in the movie THE SECRET. My purpose is to bring that awareness to YOU, so you can live the life YOU DESERVE and YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!!!

If you are still debating if you should or you shouldn't take the course, than know;" if doing is RISK than I am going to say not doing is BIGGER RISK !!" Because YOU are talking about YOUR LIFE !! Life that can create miracles for you, ONLY if you take the FIRST step in investing in yourself and UNDERSTAND the UNIVERSAL LAWS ! Once you understand all the UNIVERSAL LAWS. You can be in alignment to create the life of your DESIRES because then UNIVERSE will also be working in your favor.

Once again, I look forward to seeing you at my workshop and deliver it in a way so YOU GO home empowering but most importantly you create results in your life not SOME DAY but NOW !!!

Allow me to end it by saying " If you wait to do everything until you are sure it is right, You will probably never do much" ~~ Win Borden

Light & Shine...

Mona Jagga
Law Of Attraction Coach
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