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We are living in a constantly changing environment.
Our bodies and minds continuously strive to adapt and deal with physical, emotional and psychological influences. Stress is the process of holding your own. It is therefore a normal and useful process. When under stress over prolonged periods of time, though, our body and mind may loose some of its ability to regain a state of balance.

That is why stress can also be harmful to your health and wellbeing - both mentally and physically. Use Nexi Home for prevention and continuously live in a harmonious field of stress-reducing impulses. While at work or at home, any time of day or night. Nexi Home makes your life a lot more pleasant


Embrace change. Unleash yourself and bring a new balance into your daily life. Our world offers ever new challenges and opportunities for our growth and development. These never ending dynamics give us space to step up to the plate and become who we are meant to be.

Nexi Home offers ways to experience your "Unleash" moments. The powerful field of frequencies will help you on your journey of transformation so you find your way, make decisions that align with your goals and take action. Balancing these dynamics in yourself and important aspects of your environment like family, business, sports, spirituality and health will lay the foundation for a sustainably happy life..


Nexi Home is the next generation in frequency devices. No more cables, electrodes or mats! Rather than being delivered via conductive accessories, Nexi Home transmits frequencies at great speed wirelessly to a soothing magnetic field.

Thus every cell in your body can benefit for maximum well-being. Enjoy complete freedom of movement throughout your day within the Nexi Home's effective range. Eat, read, sleep, cook, work – all while getting your frequencies delivered to you with flawless accuracy.

Also ideally suited for pets and animals.


Chronic stress situations can lead to overloading imbalances of physical, emotional and psychological aspects. The results might be overweight, muscle pain, poor sleep, inability to relax, tension complaints, sexual inactivity, concentration problems, irritability, poor regeneration, little or no energy, etc.

But Long-term stress can also lead to chronic illnesses.
This is due to the formation of low-grade inflammations. Research shows that low-grade inflammation promotes other conditions. For example, they can be linked to conditions such as type 2 diabetes, lung diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, Alzheimer's, or arthritis.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to combat psychological and physical stress preventively. Nexi Home supports you and your family by helping Nexi Home restore the energetic balance of your organism. In this way, the body's own ability of self-regulation is to be promoted.

Would you like to know more about the Nexi HOME and how it can support you in reducing stress?

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