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Come join me at Reiki Training By Dr. Paula Horan - THE FIRST DEGREE REIKI CLASS on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Reiki Training By Dr. Paula Horan - THE FIRST DEGREE REIKI CLASS' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Reiki Training By Dr. Paula Horan - THE FIRST DEGREE REIKI CLASS" on The NewAge Foundation

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Reiki Training By Dr. Paula Horan - THE FIRST DEGREE REIKI CLASS Time: November 5, 2022 at 9am to November 6, 2022 at 5pm
Location: The Legend Inn
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
Reiki is a form of energy medicine. In essence, you become a channel for the Universal energy of Reiki to flow through and heal. Reiki's utter simplicity yet powerful results are the main reasons why many people are attracted towards this healing method.
The way to enter the path of Reiki is through receiving four Reiki attunements or empowerment from a properly trained Reiki master. To a certain extent, the quality of your master will determine your motivation to keep on practicing once you have received the empowerments. You need to find someone who through his or her master, has received the direct energy transmission going all the way back to Dr. Usui, and beyond to the lineage of practitioners who were Dr. Usui's source of inspiration.

Dr Paula Horan has a rich lineage of Reiki Masters traced right back to Dr Usui, who placed a great importance not only on regular Reiki Practice but also on the importance of the Reiki Attitude. She has been a Traditional Reiki Master for the past 35 years teaching in America, Europe and Asia. THE FIRST DEGREE REIKI CLASS Ideally, First Degree Reiki is taught over a period of four days, and four separate empowerments are given. However, an intensive class comprised of 2 full days with an experienced master can also suffice. Broadly, the first degree course comprises of teaching, sharing and practice. The Reiki history needs to be explained in detail, as well as the basic premises of energy healing. Then, the hand positions need to be demonstrated, and ample time has to be reserved for sample treatments. A Reiki First Degree class is a joyous and liberating experience. It is a wonderful introduction to learning to nurture oneself and others, and reconnect with the energy that is the basic support for our life, as well as the life of the planet and all of Creation. Dr Paula Horan's two day Reiki level 1 Course is an intensive experience. You will get sufficient time to understand the principle and history of Reiki, lots of practice and time to get all your questions answered. Dr Paula accepts only 20 students at a time to ensure she can pay attention to each and every student's needs. Important: Participants are requested to stay off tea, coffee and alcohol for the duration of the course. Get your Yoga mat along. Course Fee : Rs. 11,500/- Early Booking Advantage available before 1st Feb 2011 Book Early & Pay Only Rs. 10,900/- Maximum participants : 20 Duration : 2 Full Days 9 AM - 5 PM Fee Includes Reiki Level - 1 Attunement, Certificate, Reiki Manual, Refreshments & Lunch on both days.
GST @ 18% Extra Register Now : GPay 9818181991

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