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Which Model of iMRS Prime PEMF is the BEST for a Clinic or a Wellness Center

There are many PEMF systems on the market, and we've owned and used various leading brands. We've been asked several times to represent other manufacturers but there are many important reasons we've stayed with Swiss Bionic.

The iMRS Prime built on all of this by adding:

A hybrid energy field — PEMF with advanced Far Infra Red.
An advanced operating system with multiple input and output ports offers far more upgradeability than other PEMF systems.

A powerful signal generator to create any type of PEMF signal.

Advanced real-time bio-feedback through heart rate variability and blood oxygen saturation to see which settings work best and monitor key health parameters over time.
Fast Start programs offer instant access to 7 different experiences.

Two or more applicators used by one or two users at the same time.

A Helmholtz Effect localised spot applicator.

Significant upgrades in design, construction and materials.
Five levels of systems, sets, packs and bundles (described below), offering a variety of features to suit everyone.

If you are confused about various models we would like to draw your attention to two very special models !

The iMRS Prime Expert and The iMRS Hybrid

The iMRS Prime Expert. Includes everything in the Advanced, plus:

The iGuide database (upgraded) of hundreds of health issues with the optimal settings for supporting the body with each – especially useful for therapists and clinics, but also used by many home users.

A Split Mode, which allows for two applicators to be used at the same time. That means for instance one user using two Spots on two ankles. Or two users using two different mats, two Sense sensors and two Sound and Light systems, each on its own individual settings.

The iMRS Prime Hybrid SET. Includes everything in the Expert, plus a new type of mat that combines PEMF with carbon-fibre-based Far Infra Red energy. The sensation from these combined technologies is like floating. And when this is further combined with Heart Rate Variability and Sound + Light (in the iMRS Prime Hybrid Set), the sensation of deeper relaxation and healing is probably unlike anything you've experienced before — we call this the Bliss Package!

Each of these main systems can also be upgraded (at a steep discount if they're part of your initial order) in the form of an iMRS Prime Set. The iMRS Prime Basic, Advanced, Expert, Hybrid and Trial sets add on the Exagon Sense and Exagon Brain accessories

These are far more advanced versions of the previous iMORE and iSLRS systems.

Both the Sense and the Brain accessories are well worth considering anyway for their ability to reduce stress levels (and thereby deepen the effects of the PEMF field) and for the Sense's ability to determine which settings suit the user best. And the combined discount from ordering them at the start as a set is so large that it makes it almost a no-brainer to prioritise this as the first form of system upgrade.

Two PEMF-Systems in ONE!

iMRS prime is the world's first PEMF-System allowing two stand-alone applications with only ONE control unit! The connector box of the iMRS prime provides 6 applicator plugs (3 on each side) and contains 2, equally powered D/A converters. The Split Mode divides the touchscreen into two operating surfaces allowing to set independent parameters and applicators for each session.

The HYBRID also has a Unique Feature called Far Infrared
Infrared radiation (IR), also called infrared light, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. IR wavelengths extend from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 0.7 micrometers or microns (frequency 430 THz), to 1 millimeter (300 GHz).

You will not Buy A PEMF System every day and it is better to invest in the best available ! Its a one time investment that too with a minimum three years warranty for the main system

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With Warm Regards

Sandeep Goswamy
Certified PEMF Expert
The NewAge Inc

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