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Come join me at ACHP invites you for an Online Interactive Training on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with DR. Paula Horan on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'ACHP invites you for an Online Interactive Training on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with DR. Paula Horan' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "ACHP invites you for an Online Interactive Training on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with DR. Paula Horan" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

ACHP invites you for an Online Interactive Training on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with DR. Paula Horan Time: July 10, 2021 at 2pm to July 25, 2021 at 6pm
Location: ZOOM
Organized By: IACHP / Aalok

Event Description:
Taking EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques), to the next level. Learn how to overcome our body's actual addiction to the chemicals of repeated emotions. Discover how your body will actually send out an impulse to the brain to cause it to spit out an angry/fearful/worried etc thought, so that it can fulfill its chemical addiction; and how to break that chain..
You are invited to participate in an Online Interactive Training on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with Dr. Paula Horan on Zoom.
Event Schedule:
36+ Hours of Online Training Sessions Spread Over
Three(03) Weekends Starting: July,10th & 11th, 17th & 18th, 24th & 25th,2021
Two(02) Wednesdays: July,14th & 21st, 2021
Timings Afternoons: 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM (All 08 Days)
Participation Fees: INR 9,500/-

Registration Form Link: QoQy9 
Google Forms have payment mode links.
Forms submitted without payments automatically get rejected.
Zoom Link shall be shared a day prior to the start of the Event
Participants Share Their Experiences:

After the intense weekend sessions, it was wonderful to see the radiant faces.
There was so much learning involved. It invoked a deep feeling of gratitude toward the participants, Paula and the Universe in general, to give us a technique to evoke such freedom. Vandana,Mumbai January 2021

Thank you so much for EFT Paula, I experienced a lot of bliss after completing old stored anger coming out of my back, and even again a red skin reaction. Also did a blood picture but I'm guessing it's all good now and it was just an emotional reaction to all of the anger I tapped out. It's truly amazing how all the old stories start pouring to the surface effortlessly. As each one dissolves, the next layer down reveals itself to be tapped. The deep sense of peace and quiet is remarkable. Marie, Berlin January  2021   Wow, I went through a lot of strong emotions and came out clearer, feeling a sense of calm closure with my - the-most-key emotional issues.... And what a privilege it was to witness the fellow participants too, each being an accomplished individual contributing to society's well being in holistic ways, go through similar yet very unique and individual processes during the course. For me, the experience of EFT with Paula was transformative, revealing, powerful, and the clarity that came with it was.....that when you can deal with any emotional baggage so fast and so efficiently and so effectively and so promisingly, why would you want to let it linger around like a bad smell?? I know for sure that I don't want to, Not anymore.... More power to Paula! Shraddha, Tiruvannumalai, March 2021   Of course, I have to (share). I know feedback is just so important.... It's the completion landmark.....the cherry on top of the cake.  In this group, we inspire each other...... This is the feeling I always wanted to be in. It feels like bliss. Thank you Paula so much, for listening so deeply. Now I understand what it means to drop identification.  Another insight: I realize our words and sentences change, our very thoughts, when the layers of negativity are tapped clear. They are really gone. It's a wonderful experience.... Thanks again. Hetal, Ahmedabad ,March 2021  

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