Tuesday, June 1, 2021

iMRS PEMF Special Promo for June 2021

The global crisis, caused by the exponential spread of corona, can be felt in almost every area of our lives. It all started with limitations in our social lives, such as restrictions on outdoor activities, social distancing, closed schools, restaurants, shops, prohibition of events, fairs and not to forget the still prevailing travel bans between many countries in the world.

Meanwhile, the global economic development became also highly affected by the cause-effect relationship between the drastic measures in all aspects and it`s profound consequences. Supply chains are still fragile, production capacities are limited and the prices for commodities and transport of goods are rising exponentially.

We at Swissbionic Solutions are also highly affected by this development. Procurement price for copper increased by almost 100% since the first quarter of 2020, charges for international logistics escalated up to 500%!!! and reliable acquisition of electronic parts to manufacture circuit boards became a global gamble with winning the bid on available batches by making the most expensive offers. At the same time, we face a world-wide shortage on certain and necessary components and materials needed to complete our products. Overall a very unpredictable and challenging situation which requires a great portion of discretion, experience and faith

Based on the outlined facts and circumstances, we are forced to adjust our retail prices for all our products, effective as of July 1st 2021 by 7.5%, to partially equalize the massive increases of prices and costs in the described areas. This unavoidable step will include all products as well as certain shipping charges in all countries and all currencies.

It was always and still is our first and foremost intention to provide competitive prices for our valuable customers and we may hereby remind you, that the last price increase took place in 2015 – six years ago!

The good news is, that our monthly promotions always serve to offer certain sets and bundles for iMRS prime as well as for Omnium1 with huge savings and we are still the leading company in the PEMF-world with the best price-performance ratio.

The following promotion offers for the month of June are designed to provide the perfect opportunity for future reps and all our clients to still obtain one of our PEMF systems at the recent pricing structure and at the same time benefit from additional huge savings!

1. The iMRS prime PEMF Saver

Order an iMRS prime Expert at the price of an iMRS prime Basic!

2. The iMRS prime Hybrid Saver

Order an iMRS prime Hybrid SET (incl. Exagon Brain and Exagon Sense) at the price of an iMRS prime Expert SET!


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